Smallfield Riding School and Liveries Local Authority Licensed and Fully Insured Tel: 07590214579 email:
Smallfield Riding School and LiveriesLocal Authority Licensed and Fully Insured Tel:  07590214579 email:   

About us and Our Horses

Smallfield Riding School and Livery Stables is a bespoke Horse Riding School and Livery Stables in Horley, Surrey.  We have over 30 years experience of working with horses and people.  Samantha Larner is the owner and licence holder of the business and has 40 years of experience of working with people and horses.  

We cater for the young and old, nervous riders and those that want to learn how to ride.  We also teach stable management, cater for childrens parties and kids club.


Our aim is for people to enjoy spending time with horses, whether horse riding or working on the ground, as livery, or both.


We have highly dedicated instructors, Claire, Hayley and Sam, and Zoe who runs Kids Club and Birthday Parties.


Meet Hope - our little rescue pony.  She is 9.3hh and approx 8yrs ols.  She came to us very shy, covered in rain scald and very very thin.  She is well on her way to recovery now, and dispite her previously poor circumstances, she is very friendly and an absolute perfect pony.  Sparky has some competion now x

Meet Bambi, our newest addition, and fast becoming my favourite, depite the faces he pulls.  He's 22yrs old, bay gelding and I gather he has been at our new yard for the past 17years - how could I not keep him!!!  From what I am told he is everyones favourite ride and a fantastic safe hack. 

Next is Raven 15.3hh  6year old ex racehorse.  He decided racing was too much like hard work and retired at 3yrs and he's been with us ever since.  This horse is a fantastic confience giver for novice riders and fabulous if you can ride.  He just completed in his 1st one day event and got placed overall 7th out of approx 30, which was pretty impressive as it was only his second ever show.

This is Higgy 15.3hh 10yr old Bay ex racehorse, he's been with me for the past 5 years, he retired at 5yrs and won several races on the flat and over hurdles.  He came to us with terrible feet, a bad eye, which he had to have a little nip and tuck on, and awful teeth!!!.  Higgy is forward going, very honest, and great for the more experienced riders.  He's loves to be ridden and jumped, and gets very excited when he sees his tack!!

This is Joe, our big 15hh American Quarter Horse 10yr old Bucksin.  Safe and solid, Joe loves to hack!!  He's been with us for the last 2 years.  He's very fond of his treats!!

This is Sparky my little 12.2hh 22 yr old Welsh Section B pony.  He is everyone's favourite, mine too.  He is an honest, safe pony and is loved by everyone, children and adults alike.  Many a child that rides with us has a toy pony at home named Sparky!!

Meet Jasper 15.1 hh Chestnut  8 yrs old gelding.  He was in racing for a while but was too slow.  He is great for novices and experienced riders, his youngest rider is 7rs old and she loves him.  He is kind, slow and steady, great in the school and out hacking and as you can see from the photo - very nosey!

This is Champ in his racing days - Prince of Paris, 16.1hh bright bay ex racehorse 5yrs.  He won 3 times over the flat but racing so he came to us for a holiday and stayed!!!  He is a wonderful, sweet kind horse who loves people and a scratch and is proving to be safe and steady both in and out of the school.  He is currently being bought on by 2 of my riders so will be for experienced riders only as he is only a baby at 5yrs.

This is Flint, our latest little pony.  He is 12.2hh and 4yrs old.  He's proving to be a favourite with Kids Club, Birthday parties and ridden.  Very sweet natured boy on long term lease to us from Sally Harris, Morrigan Lease Ponies.

Lastly Meet my boy - Sabot D'Or - 16.1hh 9 yr old Chestnut gelding.  Retired from racing as a 3yr old, and not used in the school.  Racing didn't agree with him, he broke his leg as a 2yr old, and can be terribly accident prone, as it would appear is his current rider George!!  


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